Wed., Oct. 16th, 10:30 am (PT)


Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 10:30 am (PT)

Are you leaving money on the table?

Find out why every actor should have voiceover in their money-making arsenal…

Take your talents as an actor, singer, improviser, storyteller… and bring them into the world of V.O. to unleash a fresh, fun new source of.income.

Learn to make voiceover your secret weapon

Join us for a jam-packed 1-hour live webinar

Find out what it takes to make voiceover work for you — how to break in and break through, working in different genres and different markets. You’ll get time to try things out, with direction and coaching from one of L.A.’s top voice talents.

Tish Hicks has been a working voice pro in many genres for 20+ years (Subaru, GTA5, Stinky.&.Dirty). As the founder of The V.O. Dojo, a full voiceover training center in L.A., Tish has helped people from all different backgrounds unleash the power of their voice and build sustainable careers.  

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"The supportive community, professional connections, and intense training you get at The V.O. Dojo are absolutely invaluable. You'll wish you started years ago."

Jason Vande Brake 

Get to know V.O. in 1 value-packed hour:


Industry Overview

Find out the many places your voice could be making you money. How to break in, break through, and keep going longterm.


Foundational Skills

Learn how to break down voiceover copy and deliver a read that gets you noticed. Get expert coaching as you get to try things out.


Mindset & More

Discover the secrets and strategies for building a sustainable V.O career, plus the equipment and tech skills you’ll need to start.

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WEDNESDAY OCT 16th 10:30 – 11:30 am (Pacific)

VOICEOVER: The Actor’s Secret Weapon Live Online Training with Tish Hicks  

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