Voiceover: The Actor's Secret Weapon - Workshop

Ready to dive deep? 

Whether you’re just starting or looking to break out, take time to really focus and treat yourself to an incredible Week-Long Voiceover Retreat at the Maine Media Workshops in beautiful Rockport, Maine.

June 17th – 22nd

Get started on a career you’ll love — with a full week of fun, focused training and trying things.out!


Find out what it takes to make voiceover work for you — how to break in and break through, working in different genres and different markets. All the different ways your voice could be making you money!

You’ll get plenty of time to try things out, getting direction and coaching from one of L.A.’s top voice talents, Tish.Hicks.

Tish Hicks has been a working voice pro in many genres for 20+ years (Subaru, GTA5, Stinky.&.Dirty). As the founder of The V.O. Dojo, a full voiceover training center in L.A., Tish has helped people from all different backgrounds unleash the power of their voice and build sustainable careers.  

Making a Career in Voiceover

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"I was new to voiceover when I decided to check out The V.O. Dojo’s Intensive Workshop. One year later, I’m represented by William Morris Endeavor. Tish will change the way you think about voiceover… You'll wish you started years.ago."

Jason Vande Brake 

Get to know V.O. in a focused, fun-filled week:


Industry Overview

Find out the many places your voice could be making you money. How to break in, break through, and keep going longterm.


Foundational Skills

Learn how to break down voiceover copy and deliver a read that gets you noticed. Get expert coaching as you get to try things out.


Tech Basics

Learn about home studio equipment and software, how to work the mic, and the ins and outs of a professional studio environment.  

Do people ever tell you “you should do voiceover”? 

Voiceover is the actor’s secret weapon: It can be rewarding creatively and unleash a source of income that can last a lifetime — one you can sustain from the comfort of a home studio.

This class is designed to give you a thorough overview and a tantalizing taste of the many ways your voice can be making you money — from commercials to narration to animation to video games, audiobooks, and much, much more — including new opportunities that have arisen as business models continue to rapidly change.  

In a safe, supportive, encouraging environment, you’ll be able to explore voiceover and see if it’s for you. You’ll get the skinny on demos, agents, subscription casting services, other markets — a hands-on understanding of what you need to break in, and what it takes to build a sustained career in voiceover.  

Plus, you’ll get plenty of resources to take home, including a workbook and comprehensive Copy Bible, with real examples from all voiceover genres, and MP3 copies of all your work.  

Maine Media Workshops & College is located near the coastal village of Rockport, in the heart of Maine’s spectacular MidCoast region, surrounded by ocean, mountains and beautiful natural landscapes.

"If you're thinking about voiceover, this is the way to go. Tish makes you feel like anything and everything is possible. She will give you everything you need to succeed but makes sure you know your career is in your hands. You won't just feel great about your possibilities in voiceover, your entire career mindset will change if you let it." 

A. Kuforiji, Chicago (signed an agent without even a demo!)

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