"Millennial" Read - Video Training from The V.O. Dojo

Locking Down the “Millennial”.Read: Tactics to Book the Latest Trend (keepin'.it real cool 😎👍)

with The V.O. Dojo’s

TISH HICKS (Subaru,.GTA5,.Citibank) &.JASON.LINERE.WHITE (Scrubby.Bubble,.Lids,.Louis.Slugger)

Do you hate...

  • Hearing what they actually went with on a spot that you auditioned for?
  • Not knowing how to adjust your read to be that laid back?
  • Wishing you were cool enough to be in a TV spot these days?

Come find out…

  • What the hell Millennial means — and if you are one
  • Why it is the way of the advertising world
  • How to translate into Millennial... from however old or cool/ uncool you are

In this one-hour virtual training, the V.O. Dojo’s newest Sensei, Jason Linere White (Millennial), and Master Sensei Tish Hicks (not a Millennial) demystify the current trend of the “Millennial” Read.

They give you some really cool and easy ways to click into how to think like a Millennial and slam dunk that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(“whatevs”) read every time...

They also do some one-on-one directing to show you how it works in action.

Check it out. If you want to... you know... or not. It’ll be... 😎.