Free Live Webinar

Wednesday, March.20, 2019

10:00 am – 11:30 am (PT)


During this free webinar, you will get...

  • A breakdown of what makes a breakout demo. With specific guidelines on how to evaluate.
  • Inspiration and ideas for making your next demo stand out. Find out what you need to be competitive in all different genres.
  • Quick feedback on your current demo. We'll listen to as many demos as we have time for and give a quick assessment on what's great and what would make it better.
  • A real world assessment. We'll focus on the first 10 seconds of your demo, to make sure it pops and makes people want to keep listening.

Tish Hicks

LA V.O. Pro (Subaru, Citibank, GTA5), and founder of The.V.O. Dojo

Ryan Ricks & Brittany.Cox

Voice Demo Producers at Next Level Voice Demos

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